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Cancel a Charge Sheet

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017 01:41PM EST


Through this option you are able to cancel Charge Sheets that have been marked complete. All products associated to the cancel sale will be removed and put back into trunk stock.
There will be two ways to proceed that will depend on the Charge Sheet having products already associated to it. 


1. On the Home Page, go to Orders > Charge Sheets > Charge Sheets - Search.

2. The Charge Sheet Search screen appears. Enter the criteria of your preference to run the search, and then click on the Search for Surgery Results >> button.

3. A list of orders will appear at the bottom. At this point you have two (2) options to proceed,  depending on whether the order does have products selected yet (it has a dollar value under the Total Sale column), or it does not. 
Option A  
3-A. If the order doesn’t have products selected, then just click on the [cancel] link under the
        Action column

4-A.  A pop-up box will appear. Enter the reason for the cancelation, and then click on Cancel.

5-A.  If you’re ready for the cancelation, then click OK on the confirmation pop-up box.

Option B
3-B. If the order has products selected, click on the [enter/edit] link under the Action column.

4-B. On the Charge Sheet Entry screen, remove all items that appear on the Existing Entries list by
       clicking on the [remove] link under the Action column for every item. A confirmation pop-up
       box will appear for every item you delete. Click Ok

5-B. Once you’re done removing all items, click on the Surgery Date (Case Number) link on the  

6-B. In case you have more products associated to this Charge Sheet, they will appear at the
       bottom of the screen, in the Sales Details section. Repeat the procedure of removing all items
       individually by clicking on the [edit Sale] link under the Action column.
       Once you’re done, go to the Appointment Details section on top, and click on the [cancel]                     link under the Action column.

7-B. A pop-up box will prompt you to enter the reason for the cancelation. Once you’re done, 
       click on Cancel.

8-B.  A confirmation pop-up box will appear. If you’re ready for the cancelation, then click OK.

9-B. You will then be able to see that the Charge Sheet has been properly cancelled.
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