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Operations App User Guide

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2018 03:17PM EDT


By the end of this onboarding document you will have completed the following:

Download and sign into the app: 

1. Download the app by going to the Apple app store and search for "enhatch for operations" or click here to download.

2. Once downloaded enter your email address, password and domain which should be provided to you by your account admin to sign in.

3. The first time you sign in, the app will download all your contacts, accounts, products, and inventory associated with your account. Depending on the amount of data this could take up to 15 minutes the first time it syncs. Please be patient during this process and keep your mobile device active to allow the syncing process to finish. All subsequent syncs will be less than a minute.

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Schedule a case:  

1. Scheduling a new case can be done from the Calendar tab, Scheduled tab, and Contacts tab.

2. From the Calendar or Scheduled tab click the "+" in the upper right corner to initiate a new case. This will prompt a new Create Case screen.

3. Select the contact, location, date/time, surgery type, and approach.

4. Enter any case specific notes in the notes section.

5. Click the "Save to Calendar" button on the bottom to save the case, or click "Enter Sales" to immediate begin creating a sales order associated with this case.

6. From the Contacts tab, you can swipe right to left on a contact to display a create a case button. This will bring you to the same Create Case screen.

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Create a sales order 

1. After creating a case, click the Enter Sales Order button to begin entering your sales order details.

Select the type of order you will be creating (vendor bill or direct bill) and the vendor(s) associated with that order.

3. You will then enter into the Product tab where you can select the product(s) used in surgery. You can select specific inventory by Lot number or increment product by number if you do not know or need the lot number.

4. Click the Shopping Cart tab to view all items you have selected.

5. Within the Patient tab, you can enter Hospital/Patient ID, any surgery specific notes, and take pictures of the Patient Label and or Product Stickers.

6. Within the Replenishment tab, you can change the ship to location for replenished items. Once you have added all information click on the Continue to Review button to review everything one last time before submitting.

6. Review each of the items within each tab to confirm you have the correct info. The app will now make a pricing call to pull the most up to date pricing information.
  • You can adjust pricing (including offering a discount or no-bill for wasted items) by clicking on Edit Pricing within the Pricing tab.

7. Click on the Finalize tab to review sign and send out your order.

8. If you need to provide a copy of the sales order to the hospital and or vendor, you can click the PDF icon and select email or fax to send a copy out. You may be prompted with recommended addresses based on hospital/vendor to send the sales order to. You can also manually enter any phone/email address.

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Add a hospital purchase order 

1. After a sales order has been submitted you can assign a hospital purchase order to a case by swiping right to left on any sales order.

2. Enter the purchase order number and date and submit.
  • All list views that display submitted sales orders can be swiped right to left to enter a PO. 

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Cancel a Case 

1. You can cancel any case that has been created as long as there is no products associated with the order. To cancel a case, simply swipe right to left on any case cell on the calendar view and click Cancel Case

2. Select your reason for canceling the case and submit.

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